Should I Get a Pre-Listing Inspection?

A pre-listing inspection will check major systems, mechanical systems, windows, doors, signs of water damage, and cracks.  You may also choose to pay extra for well-water testing, sewer scope, or a well flow test to better market or attract serious buyers. Having a pre-listing inspection completed before your home is listed can reveal any unknown issues that you can have repaired, avoiding lengthy (and stressful) negotiations with your buyer.  

Save Money $$

Some sellers don’t see the need for an additional expense when trying to sell their home, but having a pre-listing inspection can actually save a seller money.  By being aware of and disclosing any issues that are known of the home, the seller can let potential buyers know that consideration for those items have already been factored into the sales price.  Another way a pre-listing inspection can save money for the seller is giving them more control over repair costs.  If issues are uncovered during the buyer’s inspection that they want repaired, they’ll likely want the repairs completed by a licensed professional, they may even want to choose their own contractor.  Completing these repairs before listing you’ll have control over the contractor you use, and the time to get multiple bids, or you can even DIY the smaller projects.  

Save Time 

When you already know the issues about your home, good and bad, you won’t have to worry about renegotiating when the buyer does their inspection, and you will lower the risk of your buyer walking away.  Additionally, if you already completed some of the repairs ahead of time, you won’t have to stress about trying to fit these repairs in while you’re trying to pack and move.   

Serious Buyers

Buyers may be cautious purchasing a home that they feel could end up being a money pit.

Being able to offer your buyers upfront information on the home will lessen their doubts on the condition of the home.  Their willingness to move forward when they understand the condition of the home shows they have a solid interest in moving forward with the purchase.  

Get a quote to find out how much a pre-listing inspection will cost for your home. 

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