Becoming a Home Inspector is a great career choice for several different reasons.

Be your own boss, flexible schedule, high-income potential just to mention a few. So, what are the steps to become a home inspector? And, how much is it going to cost?

Want to enroll in our home inspector school? We offer the home inspector school in-person, online (virtually), or night school.


Get Educated and Receive Training

Enroll in our 120 clock hours “Fundamentals of Home Inspection” class and add on the 40 hours of “Field Training”. We offer the home inspector school in-person, online (virtually), or night school. We have been approved by the Washington State Home Inspectors Board to educate and train new inspectors and provide you with your ‘Certification of Completion’ and your ‘Training Log’ that you will need for the next step. We even scan them in and email them to you so they are ready to upload. Cost: $3,500

Submit an exam application online.

Log in to your SecureAccess account, click on ‘Add a New Service’, find and add ‘Professional and Business Licensing’. Click on ‘Access Now’, then ‘Apply for a Professional License’. You will select ‘Home Inspector’, and ‘General Exam Application’. Answer the two yes/no questions (1) Have you completed the 120 hour Home Inspector Fundamental Course within the last two years? (2) Have you completed 40 hours of Field Training with a licensed Home Inspector within the last two years? Click continue, then fill out your personal information. Click continue again then fill out your Qualifying Education from the paperwork in step one, and answer two military questions. Click continue, upload your documentation from step one. Then, review all your information and submit your exam application. Cost: $0

Schedule your exam.

You will receive an exam approval letter or email that your exam application is complete and will provide you with information to schedule your exam, including your assigned ID number for the testing vendor. Visit the testing vendor’s website to schedule your exam and review the ‘Candidate Handbook’ Cost: $300

Pass State and National Exams.

You will receive your pass/fail report as you leave the testing center. If you fail you must wait 24 hours before scheduling a retake, and you will have to wait 30 days between each exam attempt. If you pass, Cost: $0. If you fail, $125 to retake the state portion, $250 to retake the national portion

Apply for your Home Inspector license online.

Log in to your SecureAccess account again and fill out the license application. You will need to upload your passing exam score and answer the 2 yes/no questions (1)”Within the last 5 years, in this state or any other jurisdiction, have you had any action (fine, suspension, revocation, censure, surrender, etc.) taken against any professional or occupational license, certification, or permit help by you?” and (2)”Within the last 5 years, in this state or any other jurisdiction, have you defaulted, or been convicted of, or entered a plea of no contest to a gross misdemeanor or felony crime? (Don’t include traffic convictions.)”. Prepare to submit a detailed explanation if you answer ‘yes’ to either of these questions. Cost: $680

Receive your Home Inspector License number.

Now that you have your license number you have become a home inspector and are ready to start inspecting!!