Less than 25% of Home Inspectors in Washington State also have their Structural Pest Inspector license. If so few Home Inspectors get this additional license then why is it important? ​

In order to report on WDO’s (wood destroying organisms), damage by these pests, or conducive conditions leading to their development during a real estate transaction you must have a SPI license. Having this license also means your Home Inspector went through additional testing, obtains more continuing education hours each year, and is required to carry insurance. There are no insurance requirements for a Home Inspectors license. Next Home Inspector you hire make sure they are also SPI licensed, this will save you money in the short and long term.

At Top Notch Home Inspections we believe that this license is so important we require all of our Home Inspectors to obtain their SPI license before they can be finished with their training. This enables our inspectors to clearly identify structural damage and include these findings in the home inspection report of. The inspector will also include any conditions that may encourage wood-destroying organisms to flourish so you can preventative measures.

We are also able to complete these inspections as a requirement of some FHA/VA loans. These types of loans require a NPMA-33 form, but not always a home inspection. To schedule your Structural Pest Inspection, with or without a home inspection, give us a call at (360) 827-1436 today.