Having a successful career as a Home Inspector starts with choosing the right Home Inspector School.  So how do you decide which Home Inspector school will be right for you?  Do your research, and ask questions.  Here are some questions to ask potential schools:


  1. Can I visit the classroom and meet the instructor?
    With 120 clock hours required in the classroom you want to make sure it’s an environment where you would be comfortable. While visiting the classroom, check out their hands-on displays. Most people learn better through doing, rather than reading from a book. Have the instructor explain or teach you one small portion of the class. This will help you determine if their teaching style is someone you can learn from.  
  2. What support do you offer after I finish the class?
    Does the school offer you the option to re-attend any future class in whole or in-part so you can review topics of the Home Inspector exam you are having a hard time understanding. Find out if there are any mentorship programs, or support while you continue to study for the exam, or after you pass the exam.
  3. Is the field training completed on live inspections?
    The state requires all field training to be completed on live inspections with a minimum of 5 inspections.  Find out from the school how they complete their field training and when. Going on actual live home inspections gives you the real-world training you’ll need when you are licensed and are completing your own Home Inspections.  
  4. Do you offer the class virtually?
    The state of Washington has approved the ability to offer classes virtually.  This could be a great option depending on where you live, or your circumstances.  Although the state has required that these virtual classes still be completed live, would the school allow you the option to complete some classes in-person and some virtually?
  5. What is required to sign up for the class?
    Most schools will require a non-refundable deposit, so find out how much the deposit is and when it is due.   


We encourage you to give us a call at (360)827-1436 and ask us these questions and more before you decide on a Home Inspector school, or fill out the contact form with your questions and someone will get in touch with you, or sign up for one of our virtual question and answer sessions. .