5 easy Things to do before listing your home for sale 1
5 easy Things to do before listing your home for sale 2

Clean the moss off the roof.

Having moss on the roof can shorten the lifespan of the roof. There are professional companies you can hire, or you can use a DIY product designed for this. However, you should never pressure wash your roof. This will cause granule loss, which will also shorten the lifespan of your roof.

Clean out the gutters.

Debris in gutters can cause rainwater to overflow which will eventually cause damage to your roof. These repairs can become costly and can even lead to a completely new roof. Clogged gutters can also cause overflow of water to drip too close to the foundation and compromise its stability.

Seal up any gaps at the exterior of the home.

Gaps where the sealant has deteriorated or cracked between siding and windows can all allow water into areas of your home where it shouldn’t. Overtime, due to the different weather cycles building materials are either expanding or contracting. This causes the sealant at your home to crack and deteriorate. This can eventually lead to damage that is not only hidden at first, but can be costly to repair. Use a high-quality exterior caulk to seal all gaps; this will help keep the water and insects out.

Touch up any paint.

Paint protects vulnerable raw wood from rot and helps make your home stand out as a well-maintained home. Keeping your paint from peeling on your home will lower the cost of repainting in the future by extending the life of the paint job.
5 easy Things to do before listing your home for sale 3
5 easy Things to do before listing your home for sale 4

Cut back any vegetation that is touching the home.

If you can’t get between the vegetation and the house, then the vegetation is too close. Plants and shrubs hold moisture against the wood leading to rot and acts as insect harborage. Trees that are too close to the home can fall, or even just a branch from a tree can fall on a home and cause damage. Tree branches overhanging the roof can result in a buildup of leaves and debris in your gutters.

These are just a few things from a Home Inspectors perspective that can be done to any home before listing it for sale.

As you complete these items you may find other items that might also need to be repaired. Completing these easy items show a perspective home buyer that you have maintained your home. However, you should never knowingly attempt to cover up or hide any damage or issues discovered on your home when selling it. At Top Notch Home Inspection, we offer a Pre-Listing inspection that can give some additional ideas you can do to prepare your home to list it for sale.